The technology of lamination with bagging system is very easy, yet quality lamination needs the use of serious equipment. 

RCN looks further and is daily questioning how to improve the performance of its kilns.

Lamination involves different performances that are related to the interlayers, but are also the results of the synergy of different elements.

Silikosoft has been designed from RCN to guarantee high flexibility and great tight. 

The bag sealing system as well all the other junctions are volcanized, glue-free,  thus granting durability and performance for at least 4000/5000 working hours. The structure of the bag itself makes the job easy and reduce the preparation time as well as the removal of the laminated glass at the end of the process.  

Suitable for the lamination of the curved glass as well as of thick glass, Silikosoft is really one of the main engine, the existing strength of the RCN kilns.