Rcn Solutions  Forni Laminazione



Bagging system line suitable for those companies who require thick glass laminations and high volumes. This model is composed of two independent laminating chambers that can be processed together or with two different recipes, different in time and/or in temperature,  to maximize production. One laminating chamber can be switched off and have just one the other one running in case of small volumes.

In Lammy 4+4 each shelf is connected to its pump to obtain perfect vacuum control. The shelves can be totally removed from the chamber thanks to the lifting platform, capacity 1500/200 Kg, according to the model, thus facilitating the glass loading and unloading. 


The combination of heat radiation and convention allows the heat uniformity in very short time.

The option of the storage unit with four additional external shelves, helps the preparation of the pieces of glass and reduce the time for some jobs, such as cooling down and pre or post-vacuum that can be processed outside the laminating chamber.