Powerlam Rcn Solutions Forni Laminazione Vetro
Powerlam Rcn Solutions Forni Laminazione Vetro
powerlam rcn solutions forno laminazione
Kilns For Laminated Glass



POWERLAM is the last generation in matter of glass lamination and changes the idea of lamination. The line is bag-free; the chamber opens automatically, no need to spend time to close the bags; the preparation and the process are faster than other solutions and the time saving is evident and very important. Powerlam facilitates the all operations from the beginning to the end of the process. 

POWERLAM is the result of several years of engineering: it dramatically reduces the logistics and the lamination time allowing the lamination of 5+5mm glass in 40 minutes only. With Powerlam the laminated glass exits from the chamber almost totally cooled down and ready to be delivered and installed.

POWERLAM does not need any specialized operator and one operator is enough to process and control the job. Powerlam maximizes your production at most, granting an accurate and fast service.

Monolithic glass and toughened glass can be laminated with every laminating interlayer, in a very surprising time, easily, with no need for special resources or logistics.